Why buy Australian Made products?

There are many benefits to buying Australian-made products. Not only do you help support the country's economy, but you also get products that are of high quality and backed by a warranty. Here are just some of the reasons why buying Australian-made products is a smart choice:

1. Supporting the local economy is good for everyone involved. When you buy Australian-made products, you're helping to create jobs and keep money in the country. This is especially important during tough economic times.

2. You can trust Australian-made products to be of high quality. All of our products must meet rigorous safety and quality standards before they can be sold in Australia. This means that you can rest assured knowing that your purchase

What happens when you support local business ?

The benefits of buying Australian-made products are numerous. By supporting local industry you are:

- contributing to the Australian economy

- creating jobs

- helping to keep money in the country

- ensuring that products meet high safety and quality standards.

Local businesses know their stuff when it comes to customer service because they have to – their livelihoods depend on it! When you buy from an Australian company, you can be sure that you’ll receive top-notch service before, during, and after your purchase.

Keeping our money in the economy also has a flow-on effect of supporting other local businesses. When you buy from an Australian company, you’re not only supporting that specific business – you’re also helping to support the many other businesses that they rely on, including suppliers, shippers, and more.

Lastly, buying Australian made products helps to ensure that the items you purchase meet high safety and quality standards. In Australia, there are strict laws and regulations in place to protect consumers, and companies must adhere to these standards in order to operate.

Why purchase from us?

By purchasing from Envious Customz, you are supporting a small family business. When you buy our products, you are also supporting Australian jobs and industry. Envious Customz is an accredited member of the Australian Made Campaign. The accreditation symbol is your guarantee that a product is genuine Australian made.

When you buy our products, you can be sure that you are getting quality goods. All of our products are made to the highest standards, using only the best materials. We source as much as possible from local suppliers, to support other businesses in our community.

So next time you're looking to make a purchase, consider going local and supporting Australian businesses. Your wallet - and the economy - will thank you for it!

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