**LIMITED EDITION** Mini's Collection

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Grab one of our Limited Edition Mini's Collection Packs before they SELL OUT! Now is your chance to try out all our Candy Scents!


**MINI'S NOT AVAILABLE INDIVIDUALLY!! Only in collection packs 

This collection is too cute to pass up! Get 15 x 50ml mini bottles of our entire Candy Collection Car & Home Scent Sprays range, plus one of our Envious Customz Stickers PLUS FREE SHIPPING!! Available on AFTERPAY

Great for our Candy Addict Collectors to keep, as a whole Xmas Present, or break up for stocking fillers. 

Collection Includes:

1 x 50ml Cotton Candy

1 x 50ml Monkey Farts

1 x 50ml Red Frogs

1 x 50ml Vanilla Icecream

1 x 50ml Bubblegum

1 x 50ml Cherry Cola

1 x 50ml Musk Sticks

1 x 50ml Raspberries

1 x 50ml Bubba Grape

1 x 50ml Strawberry Clouds

1 x 50ml Sour Watermelon

1 x 50ml Lemon Sherbet

1 x 50ml Cola Bottles

1 x 50ml Marshmallows

1 x 50ml **LIMITED EDITION** Candy Cane

1 x Envious Customz Sticker 


**discount codes do not apply to collection

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